Hi, I’m Stephanie, thanks for checking out my blog!

I have a husband, a son and a senior dog; they are all amazing 99% of the time. After almost a decade on the West coast we have come back to our roots in Michigan…hence Midwest Made.

I’m also a 30-something millennial trying to figure out what to do with my life – sound familiar? I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations but I’ve worked in medical sales, real estate, dementia care, wealth management, ERP software and the restaurant industry. Yeah, I know, pretty much zero direction but lots of interesting experience.

Most days I can be found doing freelance administration (expense reports, database management, copy writing, etc…), selling some fun stuff on Etsy (Pretty Yellow Bird) and taking care of my kid.

I like to write about all sorts of things: kids, family, crafting, money, hair, politics, spirituality, etc…you know, important stuff. So if you’re interested in everything and don’t mind some occasional swearing please join me on this digital ride.

P.S. Let’s chat! Shoot me a line at midwestmadeblog@gmail.com – you can also find me on Instagram @midwestmadeblog