New Year, Same Resolutions

For 2018 I am challenging myself to “make something every day.” I feel like I let my creative side slide this last year…first because I was super pregnant and tired all the time, then because I was a new mom and tired all the time, and in the last few months because we were in this great state of upheaval with moving and I was tired all the time. The thing that I’ve discovered though is that, like exercising, making things when I’m feeling tired actually energizes me. I need to be creative on a daily basis. So while I have other pretty typical 2018 goals involving getting organized, writing more, blogging more, eating healthier, cutting out sugar, and finding a way to be active, I am also challenging myself to feed my creative side on a daily basis. Whether it’s simply spending a few minutes working on my doodle notebook or knitting a few rows on one of my many projects, every day I’m going to “make.” I predict it will be challenging with a kiddo new job and the normal stresses of life but I know I’ll feel better when I do it. So I’m putting it out there to the world (or the 2 people that have come across this blog) and will do my best to stay accountable.

In the meantime, please enjoy the result of my first few days of the “2018 Make Something Every Day Challenge!” This project came about because we quickly discovered that the windows in our new apartment aren’t so great at keeping the warm air in Owen’s bedroom so we needed to figure out a way to keep him warmer at night. We decided to take a three-pronged approach and did the old plastic on the window trick + a blackout insulating cellular shade + a winterized sleep sack. I searched all over the web to find something that would be warm enough but didn’t have any luck so I decided to make it myself. I had a bunch of leftover fabric from several different projects and it turned out pretty good. 

The front and back are flannel and the inside is a soft furry fabric. I also did a layer of medium weight wool batting as added insulation. For the pattern I simply traced the outline of one of his cotton sleep sacks onto a couple paper bags and taped it all together. I decided to do buttons instead of a zipper mainly because I suck at sewing zippers. Unfortunately I then realized that the 3 layers of fabric was too much for dinky sewing machine to handle and I ended up sewing the button holes all by hand. I’m not going to lie, the first one SUCKED. But by the 4th I was getting the hang of it and felt pretty proud of myself.

All in all this was a fun, practical, challenge project and it got my creativity flowing for future making. And do far it’s keeping Owen nice and cozy 🙂

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