Photo of the blog author, Stephanie Duby

Hi, I’m Stephanie, thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet!

When I’m not working at my day job or hanging out with my family, you can usually find me obsessively diving into various arts & crafts. You might call me a “serial maker.” I have always loved to make things; I paint, draw, sew, knit, felt, dye stuff, stamp, make relief carvings, etc…you name it and I’ve probably dabbled in it with wildly varying degrees of success and an unfounded confidence that “I can do that!”

For instance, in 2008 I got really into needle felting and I made little felted owls as the cake toppers for a friend’s wedding. They were adorable and everyone told me that I should make more and sell them. But honestly, I’m too fickle for that and I can’t commit to just one medium for artistic expression. So, instead, approximately once or twice a year I dust off my needle felting supplies and work on some projects.

Sometimes I finish really cool things. Like in 2014 (ish) when I felt compelled to make my friend a felted replica of her dog. He ended up passing away shortly after I presented it to her and I was even happier that I was able to add “Bruce” to my list of finished projects.

Sometimes I start something and then just don’t feel like finishing right away. Like in 2016 when I was making various crafts before the impending birth of my son and my husband asked me to make a felted vegetable mobile for the baby. I made a really awesome carrot, beet, & onion before I lost the desire to finish the project and set it aside. Our son is 3 now so he has no need for a mobile anymore, but I am fairly confident that I will finish that project for some other awesome baby (likely not ours!) at some point in the future. Maybe you can relate?

Anyway, that is all by way of saying that this is a space for the serial makers, like me, who just literally want to make everything and read about other people who are doing the same. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve always been this way. Or maybe you got into crafting when Pinterest was born back in 2010 and crafting became somehow cooler and more accessible than it had been. Or maybe you’re a super recent convert to the world of crafting and you binge-watched “Making It” with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman during the COVID-19 lockdowns and got inspired.

Whatever brought you here, I’m so happy you’ve arrived! And I’m especially happy that you took the time to read this far down in the About Me, because damn, I can be really wordy.

This space is primarily about making things but sometimes I like to write about other stuff: kids, family, hair, etc…you know, important stuff. So if you’re interested in everything and don’t mind some occasional swearing please join me on this digital ride.

P.S. After almost a decade on the West coast my family came back to our roots in Michigan…hence Midwest Made.

P.P.S. Let’s chat! Shoot me a line at midwestmadeblog@gmail.com – you can also find me on Instagram @midwestmadeblog